Saint Bernard Club of Tvl
Saint Bernard Club of Tvl


 2013/2014 was a good year for our Saint Bernard club. During the past year we held 2 championship shows.


The first show we held was  our 35th annual championship show. The judge was Mr. Rob Forsythe and prizes were sponsored by Bobtail dog food. . The show was a great success for the Saint Bernard club attracted 38 entries, which is a very significant improvement. That show was also a success for our club in other areas, notably the very good relationship between most club members, and the positive social interaction between members at the show and also during the year.

The second show had an entry of 28 dogs, and the decline was due to none of my own dogs being entered since I was the judge. At this show we also introduced the idea of free entries for club members, and although our income for that show was obviously reduced, all the members were happy with the concept, which I believe we should continue to develop.

Another great success for our club was the attendance of 7 members at the annual WUSB show, which took place in Alsfeld, Germany, in June. Many comments were made about the SA contingent, very noticeable in our matching club jackets. Also at the WUSB 2014 we had the first South African, myself, judging in the 47 year history of the WUSB. In addition to judging, I also presented a seminar, on Saint Bernard movement and structure, to the international Judges meeting. Myself and Henriette Du Plessis represented SA as delegates at the WUSB AGM and other official functions. Our South African Saint Bernard club is making its presence felt in this multinational organization.

Membership has grown slightly during the past year, and that is a very positive step. With the successful growth and development of our club we must be vigilant regarding new members in order to retain the high quality of our membership, and not become simply an integrity booster for backyard breeders who cannot sell their puppies.

To all the members who have contributed throughout the year to the success of the Saint Bernard club we owe a big Thank You! Planning for the growth and development of our club began when I became Chairman in 2005, and although we are on track, it remains an area that should be continuously focused on and pursued. Our next big event will be the 40th anniversary celebrations, plan to hold November 2015, as this is the beginning of our 40th year!!. I hope to see all members involved in that event in some way.

I retrospect, a very successful year for our Saint Bernard club!

Yours sincerely

Kevin Young



Saint Bernard club of Tvl

WUSB Alsfeld Germany2014
WUSB Alsfeld Germany2014

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