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On 29th and 30th March the club held their 32nd Annual Championship show together with the Transvaal Midlands KC All breeds show and the Witwatersrand KC all breeds shows. The Saint Club show was a big success attracting an entry of 45 dogs under specialist judge Mr. R. Bostrom from USA. A very big thank you to Mr. Twigge (Cape Town),  and Mr. & Mrs. Bergh (Windhoek) for their commitment and dedication  for traveling great distances to attend the shows.

Likewise, both the Midlands and Wits shows were a great success, with specialist judges Mrs. Lynn Jech and Mr. Terry Munro attracting entries of 34 and 32 dogs respectively.

This year the club supplied a raffle prize of a small generator: well done to our winner Mrs. Ute Borman, a Saint Bernard exhibitor at all 3 shows.

To the members of our small committee I say a big “Thank You” for their contribution. The Saint Bernard club cannot succeed without you!

Last but by no means least: a warm thank you to our sponsors: Montego Foods. Their generous sponsorship and support enables the club to provide meaningful prizes and helps to create a wonderful atmosphere around the show ring. Thank you Montego!


One of the reasons that we are able to attract specialist judges of the caliber that we have had for the past 3 years is because we offer them a short tour of the Kruger Park and surrounding area. This has proven extremely successful in the past and this year was no exception. The judges and their partners returned home with a positive experience in South Africa, and some great memories.

The South African Saint Bernard weekend is now well known amongst international judges and I regularly receive requests from judges interested in visiting SA.

Saint Bernard “FORUM” 

In 2006 the Saint Bernard club joined the international “Forum” as a full member. The Forum currently has 13 member countries and focuses mainly on the health aspects of Saint Bernards. Each year the Forum holds a show in a different member country. This year that show was held in France, together with the 100th anniversary show of the Saint Bernard club of France.

I was able to attend the annual Forum meeting as a full member for the first time, and was enthusiastically welcomed by all other member representatives. The South African club and dogs are regularly discussed in European Saint circles, due to the very positive reports from the international judges over the past 3 years. Our Saints also currently conform very well to the international FCI standard, and this is of great interest to everyone since we are so far away from Europe.

We have once again been invited to join the WUSB (World union of Saint Bernard clubs www.wusb.de ) and will submit our application shortly.


At this stage the Saint Bernard club has a small membership base of 38 people. In addition to members the club also has a small number of supporters that assist with various issues.  Two very important supporters are the committees of the Transvaal Midlands and Witwatersrand kennel clubs. The assistance received from both clubs is invaluable, in terms of both support and finance. The Saint Bernard club has never been charged for use of grounds, facilities, catering, and transport of judges, judge’s communication or any other aspects on our show weekend. We would like to thank the committees of both clubs for their generosity. Without them the Saint Bernard club would still be floundering in the dark!

To our other supporters: you are all invaluable and we thank you for your continued support.

The club also maintains a web site . This site currently has an advertisers page, which runs from 1st August to 31st July and costs R250 per year for dog adverts and R500 per year for business adverts. A simple advert with your details or company name is a great way of supporting the club and getting recognition at the same time. Additional donations are also always welcome.

I would like to end this newsletter on an amusing note so I have included a story sent to me by Mr. Terry Munro from the UK.

Best regards

Kevin Young

Chairman       Saint Bernard club of Transvaal 

Intelligent Dog A Saint Bernard walks into a butcher shop, spends a number of minutes looking at the meat on display, and eventually indicates with a nod of his head and a bark that he would like some lamb chops. The butcher, thinking the dog would know no better, picks up the lowest quality chops in the shop. The Saint barks furiously and continues to bark until the butcher selects the finest chops from the display counter. The butcher weighs the meat and asks the dog for R12.90. Again, the Saint barks furiously until the butcher reduces the bill to the correct price of R9.20. The Saint hands over a ten rand note and the butcher gives him 40 cents in change. Once again, the Saint barks continuously until the butcher tenders the correct change. The dog then picks up his package and leaves the shop. Now, the butcher is extremely impressed and decides that he would like to own a dog so clever. He shuts up shop and follows the dog to see where it goes. After ten minutes or so, the dog climbs the steps to a house. When it gets to the top, it shakes its head as though in frustration, gently places the package of meat on the floor and, standing on its hind legs, rings the doorbell. A man opens the door and starts to yell obscenities at the dog. As he does so, the horrified butcher leaps up the steps and begs the man to stop. “It’s such an intelligent dog,” he says, “Surely it doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment.” He then went on to explain how the dog had procured the best lamb chops in the shop, insisted on paying the advertised price and quibbled over incorrect change! The man looked at the butcher and said, “Intelligent he may be, but this is the third time this week he’s forgotten his keys”.