NEWSLETTER 2016/7   

 Chairman’s Report

Another great year for our club, full of interesting events, membership participation and representation at both local and international level. Lets look at some of the interesting events of the past year:

The club hosted an Advanced seminar for Judges, including live dogs and critiques by all attendees. This was a very successful event. Every attendee was required to critique every dog. We had 1 of each type, namely smooth and rough coats, male and female, and also a young puppy. What a great way to learn about a breed.

I also presented a seminar on the Hallmarks of the breed, which includes movement and head, developed by myself, after years of participating in numerous seminars by experts around the world.

Our South African club was represented at the World Union event by six club members, including myself. The event took place in Porto, Portugal and was a lively affair, as always. See WUSB report below.

Saint Bernards were once again represented at WODAC, held at Gallagher Estate in Midrand. In addition to the exhibition stand, manned by Cathy and myself , I also presented two events at the Presentation arena about Saint Bernards.

Our club hosted our Championship show in November , with Mrs. Tracie Austen as judge. Another very successful show, enjoyed by the winners and losers on the day. Once again written critiques for all dogs.

We started 2017 with a breed seminar , and plan to have another great year for our Saint Bernard club.


Kevin Young


February 2017




The delegates meeting took place in Maia Porto, at the Hotel Premium Aero Porto. South Africa was represented by Kevin and Cathy Young . The meeting was well attended, with representation from countries as far as Australia and America. Switzerland announced that the WUSB 2017 would take place in Martigny on 29 July, 30 July and 1 August .

The judges main seminar discussion subject was “The head ” presented by Mr. Tessier, Vice President of WUSB and President of the French Club. Also discussed were the changes to the FCI standard, effective in SA from 1st February 2017. Delegates also attended a seminar on Reproduction, Fetal growth and Whelping hosted by Royal Canin.

Nominations, presentations and voting resulted in the WUSB events for the next few years as follows: 2018 in Italy, 2019 in Luxembourg and 2020 in France. Our delegates will certainly try to attend all events.

The annual WUSB show was the culmination of the 4 day event. Kevin Young judged all rough coat females as well as Best in Shows, doing verbal and written critiques for each entry. Overall the event was a great success, thanks to the Portuguese club committee and the WUSB board.

The WUSB-committee decided to create a working group on the subject „Breeding“ (quality of Saints in general, health and functionality of the Saints, working abilities of the Saints, character of the Saints). Kevin Young was asked to be part of this panel..

The Portuguese club arranged a tour of the city of Maia on the mini train, as well as a trip to the zoo and the cherry festival. After the show we were given a traditional sardine barbeque.


UPDATED FCI Saint Bernard Standard

The FCI standard was updated , effective 1st June 2016, and the basic additions/changes were presented at the WUSB judges meeting. While most of the changes were basic wording and very slight alterations which are important, the main issue was the very welcome addition of the diagram, previously excluded mysteriously around 2012.

This diagram is referred to in the section on Important Proportions, but has been incorrectly omitted from the standard for the past several years. The WUSB judges were extremely happy to see that the diagram has now been included and forms an integral part of the FCI standard, as it had previously done for many years.

As caretakers of the breed, breeders and judges should download the new FCI standard from the KUSA website and apply those requirements to their breeding/judging efforts, thereby ensuring that Saints in SA remain relevant and comply with the international standard for the breed.

Saint Bernard FCI Standard





Our Championship Show was held on November 5th., With the weather being so unpredictable our concern was that it would rain and spoil the well planned day. Well, halfway into the male classes, the rain came down just enough to wet us all, and then the sun shone beautifully for the rest of the afternoon. We had a excellent entry both in the breed and carting with a total of 41 dogs in the show.

Our breed judge was Tracie Austen who gave a verbal critiques at the end of each class. Once again we separated the smooth and rough coats for judging as this format was so successful last year. Each exhibitor was also given a written critique after the show.


Our judge for carting was Stephanie Bridge. Stephanie put a lot of work into her set up, following the Guy Fawkes theme, she built a “bonfire” and the handlers wore masks and capes! A lot of fun was had by all!

One of the highlights of the show was our fancy dress class. A big THANK YOU for all the effort. Our members and their dogs put on a fantastic show. Lots of work and imagination went into each costume. Very entertaining!!

We would like to thank the following members. Jenny and Mike Oberholzer for manning the office and keeping the “beverages” coming! Ashleigh and Ryan for organising the cheese and wine. Dana da Silva for the show photos. Even when the rain came down in buckets, she was out there in her rain poncho snapping away. The photos are available on our Facebook page, and a big thank you to Henriette du Plessis for all her efforts and support. Adrian Sheasby for doing an excellent job ring stewarding and Adrian Austen for being our scribe.

To all our other club and committee members for their sponsorships and support, without you all we could not have such an amazing, fun filled show!!                       

    OPEN SHOW 2017


         21 st MAY 2017

STARTING TIME:       10H00         JUDGE Mr. Adrian Sheasby



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Events planned for 2017:

Breed Seminars   Its important to make Judges and Saint fanciers aware of the changes to the FCI standard and this can only be done by holding regular seminars. We hope to host the first seminar before June and another in the second half of the year. Please email saintbernardclubsa@netactive.co.za for ALL your enquiries.

PUPPY SOCIALIZATION CLASS : Its important for the correct development of your puppies for them to attend socialization classes. These classes are structured to teach your puppy to be confident in all types of situations, and to remain calm and friendly . Many puppies have no problems when in their own home environment, but once taken outside of their comfort zone they can experience difficulties with different people, voices, other sounds, different areas and so on. Our socialization classes will assist your puppy to cope with everything new. Classes start on Saturday morning at 10h30 and last for about 45 minutes. A course lasts for 5 weeks.

World Union of Saint Bernard clubs:

This year the host country will be Switzerland, celebrating the 50th anniversary since the inauguration of the WUSB.

We have organised a club tour to Switzerland. Six of our club members will attend the WUSB conference, AGM, Judges meetings, Gala dinners and show held in Martigny. They will also spend a week up in the Swiss Alps at the monastery, following the paths the travellers took crossing the Alps, and interacting with the Barry Foundation dogs up on the pass.

As always, our club delegates will host an information evening for members on their return from Switzerland to discuss all issues and give feedback on the WUSB show and meetings.


The club will be hosting the Championship show in November. We are presently working at acquiring a FCI judge from Germany. More details will follow once we have confirmation.

Club e-mail               saintbernardclubsa@netactive.co.za

Chairman                   Mr. Kevin Young


+27 73 223 5113

Vice Chairman         Mrs. Henriette  Du Plessis


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