• Hallmark Seminar Part 1The following slides set out my own priorities for judging Saint Bernard dogs  according to the requirements of the FCI standard adopted by KUSA.
  • When judging according to another standard, I would establish the priorities according to the requirements of that relevant standard.
  • In South Africa, we use the FCI standard, and therefore anybody judging Saints in South Africa should know and use the FCI standard.
  • By following the HALLMARKS set out in the following slides, any competent judge could reach an educated, up-to-date and acceptable judging result.
  • All the Hallmarks are exact extracts from the FCI standard. Each extract is printed in PURPLE. Additional comments that are printed in RED are my own opinion and are simply provided for clarification.
  • Please have an updated copy of the FCI standard available . As a judge you should know the standard . The FCI Standard on this site has all the Hallmarks already highlighted and you are welcome to print a copy.
  • The contents of my Seminar for Judges is subject to copyright , and is available for personal use. Please obtain written permission from the Saint Bernard club of Transvaal to distribute or use the contents of my seminar for other seminars or lectures or any other purpose.
  • Kevin Young

NEW Saint Bernard breed standard with Hallmarks

Hallmark Seminar Part 1

Hallmarks Part 2 update

Click above links to download the two part  SEMINAR for JUDGES in Pdf format

Below are photos taken in the mountains at the

Hospice du Grand St Bernard.

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